Respiratory protection and coronavirus

This has to be considered:

Hygiene masks / surgical masks

Hygiene masks (surgical masks or nose-mouth protection) should in principle be used by persons with symptoms of disease (coughing, sneezing) to protect the others. Also for the Healthcare workers or carers of particularly vulnerable persons they offer sufficient protection. Wearing a hygiene mask can reduce the risk of infection in older or chronically ill persons (risk factors for the severity of the disease)

Respiratory protection masks

Respiratory protection masks (FFP2 and FFP3) primarily serve to protect the wearer from infections. They are primarily intended for professional exposure to patients in nursing homes and in situations where aerosol generating activities are performed on the patient. The protection is only guaranteed, if the mask is worn correctly (Adaptation to the shape of the face, correct dressing and undressing). They are not suitable for beard wearers (also three-day beard), as leaks occur

Adjust masks

Please observe the operating instructions. They tell you how to adjust the mask to the individual face shape. There must be no leakage between face and mask


Masks and filters that are not in use must be kept clean and dry. Foldable disposable masks are usually packed individually. They can easily be carried in work clothes and thus remain clean until they are used